• Hot Bath and Holiday Time

    The holidays are in full swing which means spending, spending, spending. I must admit that I am not the type that enjoys walking through the mall or any type of shopping that includes long lines or waiting for more than five minutes. Now that may make me sound terribly spoiled but I just don’t have the strength or the patience.

    To get me through the endless shopping and the stress of knowing that I need to get my loved ones gifts that will put a smile on their face I have decided that hot baths are a must. They really are. There is nothing like 30 minutes in a warm tub with a beautifully lit candle, nice music in the background and a delicious glass of wine. Yes WINE!!! So I won’t Whine!
    Some of you may feel guilty about taking this time for yourself but you shouldn’t because a little TLC goes a long way. Most of us take care of the people we love more than we do ourselves and how can we continue that if we are burnt out? My New Year’s motto is to treat myself as kindly as I do others.

    So when you feel overwhelmed from all the buying, the cooking, the lines and anything else that makes you wish you were on a tiny island in the Caribbean that is devoid of any cell or Wi-Fi service try my 1-2-3 fix. If you still fell guilt buy them for someone on your list as well.
    1) Moscato: I like Jacob’s Creek and Bartenura, (starting at $12, your local liquor store).
    2) Philosophy’s Peppermint Stick scented bath pearls, ($24, philosophy.com)
    3) Elemis Scent of Spa Candle, ($40, timetospa.com)

    Gift Guide Goddess

    Sunday, December 1st, 2013 by Cheryl S. Grant
  • Keep it moving

    From my last blog entry you might have remembered my new pledge to be fit and exercise. Well this week hasn’t been my best week but I haven’t been a total slacker either. Due to the fact that I was feeling slightly under the weather I decided to not work out as hard as I could. Instead of hitting the gym I chose to walk 30 minutes on most days. Which isn’t what I wanted to do but it was all I was able to do. While walking I realized that I needed to be distracted because goodness knows there is only so much staring ahead of me that I can do without losing my mind. So I decided that […]

    Friday, October 4th, 2013 by Cheryl S. Grant
  • Falling in love with Fall

    Welcome to fall and all it has to offer cold, gloomy days, early onset nights and the dreaded start of flu season. YUCK!!! Still there are also the good things that come with autumn, thanksgiving, apple picking, warm baths and fireplaces. YAY!!! This summer I spent quite a bit of my time (sadly not at the beach), looking for great things to blog about. There are books I can’t wait to talk about, movies, fragrances, nail polishes, hair products, techie items, etc… I’ll also fill you in on the pain that it has been redoing my kitchen. UGH! Before slipping comfortably into this sweater season the first thing on my list is to talk about is a book I read […]

    Monday, September 30th, 2013 by Cheryl S. Grant
  • Perfumania

    Yours, Guide Goddess! P.S.Don’t forget to check out my gift guide ideas for Father’s day at http://www.swaytheblog.com/?submit=Search&s=cheryl+s+grant

    Sunday, June 9th, 2013 by Cheryl S. Grant
  • Wrinkles Be Gone

    Peace, love and happiness! Yours, Gift Guide Goddess P.S. Don’t forget to check out my gift guide ideas for Father’s day at http://www.swaytheblog.com/?submit=Search&s=cheryl+s+grant

    Thursday, June 6th, 2013 by Cheryl S. Grant