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I must confess I am not the world’s greatest gardener. As a matter of fact in the last 3 weeks I have managed to kill coral bell, basil, and cilantro plants. Trust me I tried not to send them to an early demise but apparently they wanted to be out of the misery of having to be cared for by me. Seriously, I had dreams of the coral bells being a great touch to my Zen space and of coming out from the kitchen to the veggie garden to snip a few pieces of basil to season my meal. Oh well at least the tomato plants are still hanging in there.
As much as I have found the advent of gardening to be a relaxing adventure, I must say the labor has certainly has not been kind to my hands. Just after mowing the lawn last week I think I had blisters or some other weird hardened skin in the palm of my hands. And let’s not talk about what happened after I used the hedge clippers.
I tried applying some of the lotion I had lying around but it did nothing. Then I discovered that one of my all-time favorite places (Crabtree & Evelyn) sells a product called Gardeners Hand Therapy. Now I am sure you’re thinking, oh really that’s going to make a difference? Can you say absolutely moisturizing? It is and smells pretty darn good too.
The results were pretty instant. Now here is where I might lose you. The price is a little on the steep side. The 25g sells for $7, but I will say that you won’t need much. But here’s what you can do; put it on your wish of things that you would like for a special occasion or if you are thinking or buying it for someone else it’s a pretty considerate gift. Plus there is a hand therapy gift pack.
Whatever the case I will say it is gardening season and whether you are the gardener or you know someone who has a green thumb this is a must have. (crabtree-evelyn.com)
Enjoy your springtime weather!
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