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From my last blog entry you might have remembered my new pledge to be fit and exercise. Well this week hasn’t been my best week but I haven’t been a total slacker either. Due to the fact that I was feeling slightly under the weather I decided to not work out as hard as I could. Instead of hitting the gym I chose to walk 30 minutes on most days. Which isn’t what I wanted to do but it was all I was able to do.
While walking I realized that I needed to be distracted because goodness knows there is only so much staring ahead of me that I can do without losing my mind. So I decided that I needed to invest in great headphones because music is the only way to survive working out.

I have to say that while shopping for these headphones I realized that there is so much out there to chose from. As well as there is so much to know about choosing the right pair, for the right price. After much debate I decided on the Logitech UE 4000, ( They cost $99 and I have to say they are worth it.
I know that $99 sounds like a lot for headphones but fact is I have bought lesser priced ones in the past and there have been a myriad of issues, from them shorting out to not being to listen to music that has a lot of bass or they were just uncomfortable.

I really like these because they are like pillows on my ears. Plus I am so tired of the in ear headphones popping out when I walk too fast or definitely when I run. Lets not talk about the slip up I once had on the treadmill caused by falling headphones.

These are really lightweight and you can still hear sounds from your surroundings all the while providing you with beautiful, well-balanced music in your ears.
So I think that’s enough said other than while deciding on the best kind to get one of my friends told me about the 30 day squat challenge that she has decided to undertake. In my very humble opinion it’s a great addition to a cardio workout and on the days that you feel lazy it can really substitute for hitting the gym. (

Be well!
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