It’s hard to feel special and refreshed on a daily basis. Work and the drudgery of everyday life can really put a damper on your perky attitude. But all hope really isn’t lost because there are little ways to find rewards.
Speaking from a woman’s point of view I know that sometimes all I need is a nice card, flowers, chocolates, kind words from the one I love. Recently I have truly become obsessed with the new luxury of scented lotions and creams. I recently wrote about some on this blog. My new favorite stand out is from Victoria’s Secret. It is called love is heavenly, ($30, and I have to say the scent is pretty darn divine. There is a body lotion and a cream. I personally like the cream because it is thicker and feels more moisturizing.
It really is my sweet treat at the end of the day. Thing that’s really great about it is that not only does it smell delicious but after slathering it on you feel pretty delicious too. It has become a part of my night time wind down ritual; hot shower, brush my teeth and apply cream. And when I take a shower in the morning the scent becomes invigorated again and thank goodness for that, because heaven knows I need something to motivate me to face another faith testing day. 🙂
Happiness can be found in a bottle, just not a bottle of Scotch.
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