Orange you in the mood for spring?

(Apologies to those who received an unedited version of this post on Monday. There was a small glitch with the system and my blog post was sent when it shouldn’t have been. Sorry if you were distracted by the dreadful typos).
So far the spring weather in New York City has been less than perfect. It’s been either rainy or cold and worst yet at times a combination of both. So depressing! On days like that I seek out small ways to amuse myself. Ways to distract my brain from the fact that it’s springtime and I can’t get out of doors to soak up the sun. Because sadly there is no sun.
Perhaps Crabtree & Evelyn had heard my manic cries for small spots of sunshine and created their new line of nail lacquers. Twenty one fun colors. I love the fact that they have chosen to call them lacquers and not polish, because for me that word lacquer conjures up images of a certain type of richness, a lushness that every woman deserves to have a little of. Just hearing that word evokes in mind my images of old movies and their charm. It makes me think of stars such as Grace Kelly at her finest. Well maybe that’s just me.
Other than that, why else should one run out and purchase a bottle of sunshine for $6. Well that’s easy;they have been formulated without a lot of the dreadful chemicals that can be found in many other brands of polishes. Seriously who needs nail polish with a side of junk?
I am currently in love with the color Clementine pictured above, ( Hope you find a favorite too!
Hope your Memorial Day weekend was lovely!
Yours Gift Guide Goddess

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