Wrinkles Be Gone

Ever since turning 16 I have been very cognizant of skin care, especially for my face. I think it all started after seeing a Neutrogena commercial, advertising their healthy skin line, ($9,target.com). Their claim at the time was a combination of SPF, vitamin A, C & E was the way to not only prevent damage but help to repair whatever blunders that might have already occurred. Well I took that to heart and started using their face lotion religiously.
As time has moved on tips have been tweaked as to what is the best way to prevent wrinkles, which not only occurs as a passage of time but also because of exposure to the harsh elements. But the one thing that has remained constant in all the advice I have heard or read is that it’s important to guard against sun exposure and that it is important to moisturize. Think of it this way a grape is beautiful but once dehydrated it’s nothing but a wrinkled raisin. Still delicious but not as attractive.
Recently I read an article in More magazine that offered tips from a beauty experts. There was one expert whose tip was to use serums at night instead of a night cream. I have always believed in using a face cream that was specific for nighttime but I thought why not give the serum a chance?
The two I like are L’oreal’s Youth Code Serum Intense, ($20, walmart.com) and Shiseido’s Future Solution LX Ultimate Regenerating Serum, ($225, Shiseido.com).
The Shiseido is definitely a wish list gift and L’oreal, well Walmart I can do on my own. My other tips for smooth skin stay hydrated, a diet rich in fruits and veggies, 7-8 hours of sleep, sunglasses( when you squint you wrinkle), and a glass of wine to help with all that annoying stress that we all deal with. Stress causes wrinkles people!!!
Now I am not saying that my skin is perfect but I think that at 42 years old, I am doing ok.

Peace, love and happiness!
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